Replacing my old Sierra Games

Wilco23 Hi guys,
I'm curious if it's possible to replace some of my Kings Quest games. I have Kinqs Quest I to VII as well as many other sierra games and unfortunately many of them don't work (faulty floppies, aaaargh!). If I send my game disks to Sierra, will they exchange my game disks with a cd for a nominal fee? Considering I've already bought these games, I'd rather not have to buy them again because of some stupid floppies.

Thanks for your help,
cloudee1 I think I would definately call them first,

but before you do read through the warranty with a keen eye, it used to say somrthing like disk 1 or the front page of your book or something, but you want to look for time restrictions to this warranty, if there aren't any, don't take no for an answer.

they probably don't have single games on any discs but you wouldn't object to any anthologies right?
Wilco23 Thanks Cloudee, I still have the original box and booklet etc so at least I won't have too much trouble locating the warranty (usually front page of the booklet right?)
On another note, I have had many troubles getting sound to work properly with my old Sierra games - SQI in particular - do any of you use some form of 'Sierra Engine' in order to fix these type of problems, or do you have other fixes that you use for your old games?
(for example, the Scummvm program has worked miracles with my Lucasarts games, now I can play SamnMax and Day of the Tentacle without a hitch)