Ninja Forever Question

Kon-Tiki Which one do you guys prefer? With shadows is here and without shadows is here. Don't mind the disproportions of the pic according to the player. That'll be fixed ;D
AGI1122 Without.
rwfromxenon Without. If you want to be able to hide in shadows, why don't you just do some if (posn(o0, xx, yy, xx, yy)) stuff?
cloudee1 I like shadows, I think they add dimension. Your shadows however ... ;)

No really I haven't done anything in agi so I don't know what options are available but it seems as though the shadow, teal? looks brighter than the non shadow, green? But like I said I don't even know what you could change them too.

wait a minute.... A NINJA GAME .... YOU HAVE TO HAVE SHADOWS
smartguy240 I think either one would be good. The shadows look good, but the picture without is more appealing to the eye :)

Patrick I think I like the pic without shadows just a tad bit better, but that's only because some of the shadows look a bit out of perspective in the first one.
Oliver I like it more without the shadows