Running The Game From AGI STUDIO

smartguy240 [glow=red,2,300]I have a question about starting my game from AGI STUDIO[/glow].
On games like SQII and Kings Quest 3 that I have, I can run the game from the Game Editor. In the template game from AGI STUDIO Ver 1.35 I can press the run button to get the game to work.
I cant get my game to work from the template that originated in AGI STUDIO Ver 1.30
Is there a code or anything that lets me be able to run my game when I click the run button or press f10, which is to complie and run in the logic editor?

smartguy240 ???
smartguy240 Anyone???
smartguy240 I dont know about this but I might have to transfer the game to nailhead's template. Tell me if you think I should or Shouldn't do this,

Or is there and easier way?
sonneveld I think AGI studio might not copy the game when you create a new game from the template..
you might just have to copy the interpreter again.

- Nick
Andrew_Baker Did you use the or the interpreter when it told you to locate it the first time you tried to run your homemade game?

I can't run Voodoo Girl with my version of, it's as simple as that. Probably the wrong version number. So, when AGIStudio asks me to locate to run my game, I choose instead, and voila! the game runs without any problems.

I don't know if this also works with NAGI or any of the others, but it should.

I should also note, I'm using AGIStudio 1.34.
smartguy240 ??? Well that is the thing. I will click the button, but It never has asked for the executable, like it is locked or something!
AGI1122 Alright exit AGI Studio, then delete the file agistudio.ini from your games directory then start AGI Studio and open your game then click run and it should let you choose the file you want it to run for now on when you click the run button.
smartguy240 8) Thank You. I just figured that out about 10 ago!
It hit me in my dad's truck.