SCI Template Game

AGI1122 I have posted an example of my template game(don't worry the ego graphic will change I just used it to test things out with)

Since this board doesn't have attachments enabled I had to do it at my new board at

Well anyway the post is in the SCI board, just download the attachment and you can see what I have done so far with the template(source included).
Brian_Provinciano As most people know, I merged my SCI board with this Mega-Tokyo board to create a single AGI & SCI message board. This gives optimum convenience.

I don't actually think it's a good idea for you to have another board, whether it's for "SCI" or "SCI game development". The fact is, the SCI board gets so few posts, it would be best to have them all in one place.

Also, very few people (if any) who are serious with AGI or SCI development don't check this board. They'd naturally check both boards. The fact that you repost many messages we post on this board on your board seems useless, but more so, can get annoying because I then have to check for replies/respond in both places, often the same questions/answers.

I feel there's absolutely no need for another board. Especially since I closed mine for the sole purpouse of having a single one.
AGI1122 The only reason I posted it at that board is because I could attach it to my post which is alot easier since my browser is acting up I would have attached it to this board but df didn't activate that option.

As I said before I am going to turn it into a game developers board for people working on games and AGI/SCI progams as a team(sort of like the V development). Or maybe I could focus the board torwards something other than AGI/SCI completely... I will give it some more thought.
AGI1122 I have added joystick support which means that now you can control the ego using the joystick... I also added a better mouse drawing class which now will only draw it if a mouse driver is defined in the resouce.cfg file. A mouse driver is already defined in there by default but thought I would add support in case the user didn't want the mouse at all... I am trying to make the template as much like an original SCI0 game as I can. To do this I have been modeling the template after SQ3. I also closed down my message board and put up a link to this board, which means the download of the template is down for the moment until I upload it. Well anyway once it's back up I will be sure to tell yall here.
AGI1122 Well here yall go the next version of the template...

This one has a few new features set up and you will probably notice the black screen instead of the white screen. This is because I am making the intro room first then the game room.

I didn't include resource.cfg but I did inluded the installation program that the original SCI games used. Just run it and set your settings then it will create resource.cfg with your settings. The reason I did this is because for instance my system has a sound blaster card... but for others they might only have internal pc speaker or something. This way the game can be set up to run with different settings for graphics and sound.

Well the file is at

Have fun :)