What is(are) the best fan-made AGI game(s) you have ever played?

gennadiy Like once said in the subject: what is the best fan-made agi game? Feel free to post your opinion.

I think it is Femo Duo's "Enclosure" - brilliant story, good graphics and good views. It is good to see that some AGI fan-made games are worth playing and keeping. :o :)
Their "Hank's Quest: Victim of Society" wasn't bad either, but "Enclosure" was and is better.

It is my opinion, ofcourse your opinion may differ from mine, I haven't played all the fan-made agi games. :-\
Rainer my favourites(in no particular order):
Daves Quest
The Ruby Cast
AGI Quest 1
Escape Quest
Pharaoh Quest
The Lost Planet
SQ: Replicated
SQ: The Lost Chapter

Quite a few, but they're all great!
Kon-Tiki You guys can't ever imagine what a juicy grin I had on my face when I read this thread. Anyways, here goes my top three.

1) Enclosure
2) Huize 44 Queeste
3) [s]Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards[/s]The 13th Disciple.

That reminds me... where did Cappy Merica go? Haven't seen him around in ages :-\
MagickPoultry 1) Enclosure
2) Time Quest
3) Voodoo Girl
4) V
5) The 13th Disciple (at least, what there is of it so far)

I haven't played everything out there, but these stand out in my mind for their style and how much they intrigue me.
Rich Gosh, I hope that FQ2 will be someone's list when it's released. Sorry, guys that I've had to delay the release. My graduation is coming up and I've been working like mad on it, and with my job and girlfriend, it leaves time for little else. Argghhh!!! The torture!

Mildly excited...
Eero R Enclosure. It's better than Sierra AGI games.
CESS.tk Enclosure and Time Quest.

[edit]Tex McPhilip: Road to Divinity was great too, thanks for reminding me Chad. ;)[/edit]
ChadGoulding no contest,

Tex McPhilip 2 - Road To Divinity
Oliver Well, all my games are my favourites but, ;D

Enclosure was like awsome! :D