a little problem

thesuperflamingo hello. i am making a game right now and i have to say SCI STUDIO 3 is great... but i'm having difficulty in the room2 script..... Im using the turotial and its working fine, but every time i try to compile the room 2 script (even if i dont add anything concerning connecting room 1 that is in the tutorial) it says "ERROR : UNABLE TO OPEN VOCAB.000 FOR READING!"

all the other scripts worked fine.... help!

thanks a bunch

Nychold I think I had this problem before, and if I'm not mistaken, it's because your script isn't actually added to the SCI Game/Project, so the script compiler doesn't know where to look for vocab.000. Instead, you need to use something like "Game -> Add -> Empty Script or Room Template". I forget exactly where it is, but look around and I'm sure you'll find it. If you don't want to rewrite or even copy/paste your code into the the script, you might be able to edit the game's configuration files and "add" the script manually, but since I'm not at my home system, I can't walk you through it. u_u
Eigen Just open up some script that's in the game, and File > New > Room Script