SCI Intro Screen

deejaylopin Hi, i'm kinda newbie in SCIStudio and I want to modify the TitleScreenScript a bit.
First I want it to change to the next script after a few seconds if no mouse button is pushed, but still immediately when mouse button is pushed. I used the Wait() procedure, but I don't know where I should insert the code that it still recognises the mouse button.
Then I want some views to appear after some seconds, but when I write the hide() procedure after init(), it won't appear anymore after the show() procedure.
Would be kind if someone could help me out (don't think it's hard to master).
cloudee2 (instance public titlescreen of Rm
(method (init)
* init everything normally *
(aProp:init()hide()) // hides prop
) // ends init method
) // ends public instance
(instance roomscript (properties)
(method (changestate newstate) = state newstate
(switch (state)
(case 0
= cycles 30)
(case 1
= cycles 20
(case 2
(send gRoom:newRoom(001))
= cycles 1)
) // end switch
) end changestate method
(method (handleEvent pEvent)
* leave everything here alone *
) // ends handleevent method
) // ends roomscript instance

There you go boss since the only thing you want to do is change the game to automatically change it's state then the ony method you want to change is the ChangeState method.

If this isn't clear enough just respond and I'll post the whole script, but it isn't too difficult. so let me know
deejaylopin hm that could help me with my mouse-button problem, but not with the prop: it just doesn't show up anymore after it's hided. Even if i initialise it with
it does not come back to the screen. It's something about the show() method. When I don't hide it, it shows up, but after hide(), I just can't get it back! What's the matter here?
deejaylopin Tried it out, doesn't help me out with that mouse-button thing, but how does that method work?! Though the prop won't show up, I inserted Print() at the second case to see if something happens and it didn't. I inserted the code at the same part of the script you mentioned. Now why doesn't it do anything?
cloudee1 So since I'm not 100% sure exctly what you've coded, if you follow this, the whole script for titleScript, just cut and paste it to scistudio, and you should see the results. you are looking for.

/****SCI Template Game By Brian Provinciano********* Contains the title screenroom. ********/
(include "")(include "")
(use "main")(use "game")(use "menubar")(use "obj")
(use "cycle")(use "user")(use "controls")(use "feature")
(instance public TitleScreen of Rm
(properties picture scriptNumber)
(method (init)
// Set up the title screen
deejaylopin thx you helped me a lot (still don't know what I did wrong)! But how do I have to change the code making the titlescreen wait some more seconds 'till the game starts?
cloudee1 the
= cycle x
where x is however many cycles you want,
1 is 1 cycle, 40 is 40 cycles, 900 is 900 cycles, or any other number.

Brian's got tutorial II on his website, if you've made it through the first one you should check it out, it covers some things about moving characters around and triggering the change state method.