Correction for keys.sch

AGI1122 Here is the corrections for keys.sch just copy and paste it over all the ones that are in there now. (define key_back $08) (define key_tab $09) (define key_clear $0C) (define key_return $0D) (define key_shift $10) (define key_control $11) (define key_menu $12) (define key_pause $13) (define key_capital $14) (define key_escape $1B) (define key_esc $1B) (define key_space $20) (define key_prior $21) (define key_next $22) (define key_end $4f00) (define key_home $4700) (define key_left $4b00) (define key_up $4800) (define key_right $fd00) (define key_down $5000) (define key_select $29) (define key_print $2A) (define key_execute $2B) (define key_snapshot $2C) (define key_insert $5200) (define key_delete $5300) (define key_help $2F) (define key_0 $30) (define key_1 $31) (define key_2 $32) (define key_3 $33) (define key_4 $34) (define key_5 $35) (define key_6 $36) (define key_7 $37) (define key_8 $38) (define key_9 $39) (define key_a $41) (define key_b $42) (define key_c $43) (define key_d $44) (define key_e $45) (define key_f $46) (define key_g $47) (define key_h $48) (define key_i $49) (define key_j $4A) (define key_k $4B) (define key_l $4C) (define key_m $4D) (define key_n $4E) (define key_o $4F) (define key_p $50) (define key_q $51) (define key_r $52) (define key_s $53) (define key_t $54) (define key_u $55) (define key_v $56) (define key_w $57) (define key_x $58) (define key_y $59) (define key_z $5A) (define key_numpad0 $5200) (define key_numpad1 $4f00) (define key_numpad2 $5000) (define key_numpad3 $5100) (define key_numpad4 $4b00) (define key_numpad5 $4c00)//can not be used to control ego because of numlock (define key_numpad6 $4d00) (define key_numpad7 $4700) (define key_numpad8 $4800) (define key_numpad9 $4900) (define key_multiply $2A) (define key_add $2B) (define key_separator $2F) (define key_subtract $2D) (define key_decimal $2E) (define key_divide $2F) (define key_f1 $3B00) (define key_f2 $3C00) (define key_f3 $3D00) (define key_f4 $3E00) (define key_f5 $3F00) (define key_f6 $4000) (define key_f7 $4100) (define key_f8 $4200) (define key_f9 $4300) (define key_f10 $4400) For anybody trying to make an SCI game you will need to use these because the original ones in keys.sch has the wrong keys for controlling the ego and for the numpad and f1-10 keys pluse f11 and up cannot be used by SCI which made putting them in the original keys.sch pointless.
AGI1122 Here is a few new keys I got mapped just add them to the keys.sch file:

(define joy_up $1)
(define joy_upright $2)
(define joy_right $3)
(define joy_downright $4)
(define joy_down $5)
(define joy_downleft $6)
(define joy_left $7)
(define joy_upleft $8)

These are the keys that will allow you to use your joystick to controll the ego... now if only I could figure out how to distinguish the difference between a left click and a right click.