Back with a Bang

RJD Hey! I've been gone from the SCI gaming community for bout a year and a half now. You might remember my SQ game (unfinished) and my idea to get us some TV coverage. Well, I have been dabbing in a few other engines all this time, but I have decided to return to SCI. I already have a new fan game nearly halfway done. It will be based in my house, and right now looks like its gonna be about an Easter Egg Hunt (It won't be as sissy as you may think). While I hope it will be finished by Easter, i doubt I will be able to get it online any sooner than a few days after this Sunday. I will try to get some screenshots for you guys, but you will more n likely have to wait for a little less n a week. You see, I'm making this game on my laptop, which cannot go online, and getting it on this pc would be tricky, but i wont bore you with those details. Any questions, comments and insults are more or less welcomed.
nhojnotle Good to hear you're working on a new game, RJD!

Just remember NOT to put Brian inside it, especially as a crackhead, is most favourite role. :D
RJD Maybe I should just put you as a crackhead? lol. or not. Even if i did put Brian in my game, which I'm not planning at the moment, I would portray him as he does himself. In other words, use his version o' himself available in the samples in SCI STUDIO. Im too lazy to make my own animations of him anyways, specialy if they would just be used as an easteregg (no pun intended). Anyways, thanks for the support.
The Ultimo Hey RJD, I've hardly been here myself, and only come every now and then to check for SCIVGA. :)

Did you ever finish that bounty hunter game, I think it was a Boba Fett one? I haven't finished mine yet, but I've kept developing the story.
RJD Well, I never got very far with my bounty hunter game. Hardly any story. I had been more worried about silly things like the intro, which looks fairly awesome. I created almost all of jango's walkcycles, and a bunch of turning cycles, etc of the slave 1, but the game never got past 2 rooms. I might start work on it again after this game.
RJD. Well, I've had a few slight drawbacks. I had to wipe my pc and start over with linux (long story) :'(. . So....right now Im just gonna forget about that whole Easter game since Easter is over. Right now Im focusing more on re-mastering SCI STUDIO and making some sort of Space Quest related game. But, progress will be fairly slow as school is restarting, i'm in a play, and i have a life outside of computers (can you believe it?). Right now my brainset is picking up on my old game, SQ 2 1/2, which would be a little more fun and different and etc. Im not sure Im going to use the same story as i did before, mostly becuase i don't remember it, but i did find a nice animation i had made before that will fit perfectly into the game. I hope. So...right now its back to the old drawing board. I guess i'll just fill you in with more details as soon as i can.