Jones in the Fast Lane CD Version

Dominic The CD version of this game is extremely rare. I looked on EBay, but it's almost impossible to obtain. I located a 12MB zip file on a P2P network (Yes, I know this forum doesn't advocate piracy, but there's no other way to get it.) Anyway, I just wanted to know how the original CD 'talkie' games were organised. I heard that some of the audio was recorded as standard CD-Audio tracks. In the 12MB zip file I have, there's a 22MB file called "AUDIO001.002" as well as the main "RESOURCE.001" (1.57MB). I can't seem to get the game to run with speech. Is it possible to run the game off the hard drive, or do I have to burn a special CD??

Also, I can't seem to find the right speech driver to select in INSTALL. (There isn't a basic SoundBlaster speech one - does one exist?)

There appears to be a Windows interpreter included (SCIJONES.EXE), but when I run this under XP, I get a Sierra Panic message: "Insufficient local memory:36770"

Any information about how to solve this, or just general information about the file structure of 'talkie' games would be appreciated!
Patrik In order to run the Win version of it, you might want to try configuring win3.x in either VirtualPC or DosBox (yes, dosbox runs win3.x now) and then run it from there. I haven't tried Jones (because I don't have it), but I tried the win version of SQ4 in Dosbox and the speech worked fine!

Instead of burning a CD, if you suspect that it wants to run from Cd-rom - try "burning" a virtual CD and mount it to a Virtual drive. This way you won't have to waste a CD-R in the process if it wasn't the problem (and I hardly think it is).