Leigh Ann Frey

sonneveld Hi!

Does anybody know where Leigh Ann's disappeared to these days? I've been trying to track her down to get the agiboard.cjb.net link pointing to the new address and to get confirmation on publishing something.

I think she got a bit disenchanted with the agi community after everybody was less than appreciative when she tried to get a new board going. The problem is that she's totally disappeared now.

I've tried these addresses and all of them have bounced:

> freyn@attglobal.net
> nemesis1@ibm.net
> mystrius@digitalrice.com

I think she went under the names "mysterious adventurer" and "myst" didn't she?

- Nick
Sami_Tervo what about her site? i remember i once saw a site which contained interviews of agipeople. does it still excist?

i tried finding her but i end up with few years old messageboards closed and such. i think we wont find her unless she appears again to the net.

tip for agidev.com/links : nat budin's site http://natb.spiritlamp.net/software.html said that operation recon is abondoned.
sonneveld this is true.. I'll do some changing.

I've contacted somebody who claims to have her as a friend on his website.. links to her old website though. So hopefully I'll get somewhere with him.

- Nick
Mysterious Adventurer erm... hi? 8)

It's been a while since I've done anything AGI related, but I'll go check cjb.net and try to see if I can remember my password.

The easiest way to get hold of me these days is to check in #therealm on irc.jurai.org

or just icq me (UIN 2613663)

I do still have my old agi email address, (mystrius@agigames.zzn.com) but I don't check it very often.
sonneveld Hi!

Why is that? why did you suddenly disappear from the agi community? first you disappeared, then your site disappeared when the servers disappeared.

did you just lose interest?

- Nick
Mysterious Adventurer To be honest, I was a little burnt out on the whole AGI thing. :-\

NBCi cancelled their free web hosting, which is why my site vanished. Unfortunately, there don't seem to be too many free hosts that don't have ads... if I ever find a decent one, I'll get something back up.

Which new address did you want agiboard.cjb.net to point to?

Anyway... great to see some familiar names. Glad the agi community is still going strong. :)
AGI1122 The board is now located at http://www.mega-tokyo.com/forum/ that is where it should point to.
Mysterious Adventurer Done.