Music for your game

Scorposer Er... Hi!

I'm no stranger to some of you, but for most people I am, so here it is again: My introduction! (drums)

I'm a first-year student from Canada where I'm attending a music & art school. Now, just so I can practice composing, I think that maybe it would be a nice idea if I made a main theme for some of your games.

I'm working for 2 agi-games right now & I became quite fond of the whole agi-thing! :D I think the limitation (no instruments/3 channels tops) is very challenging for a composer, because it's more a case of melody than it is of instruments.

Okay, enough said: I you want a main theme for your game just reply to this thread, leave me a private message, email me or think of some other way to contact me :)

- Scorposer
Kon-Tiki To get a sample of what he's capable of, check this out.
Joker Personally, I think this was one of the things the AGI-scene was still lacking: Our own personal composer!

And what a composer he is... 8)

Great work, Scorposer. Keep it up.
Kon-Tiki wrote:

To get a sample of what he's capable of, check this out.

So is this the official NF teaser?
Kon-Tiki Nope, this's a sample of Scorp's work, not a teaser of NF, because there's still work to be done to the title screen and the intro, but it does show what Scorposer's easily capable of doing.
gennadiy Nice work! It(sound) reminds me old 8bit Sega console games. ;)
Scorposer Hi,

Thanks so far for the compliments & thanks Kon-Tiki for posting some sample-material (game looks better every time I see it ;) ).

Some of you approached me already, but the offer still stands!! ;)

(And keep those great games coming!)