Serpentine Hi Peepz,

(little introduction: Hi I am a 22 year old guy from the Netherlands and after playing games like larry I want to make one of my own games in that style)

I am very new in this world and so for me its a little hard to figure out where to start. Can someone give me some gide-lines. I know I can read the tutorials, but wich one is best to start with.... where do I begin??

Well I dont know what more to ask cause I got alot of questions but I think its best to start of with one right? :)

Well hope to get to know you a little better out there and
that you could help me out.... THNX

Greetz from the Netherlands
Eigen Hi!

Start with the tutorial on the SCI site, ( Then download SCI Studio and mess around with the view and picture editors to get the hang of them and SCI Studio. And then just go trough the every chapter of the tutorial. (I know I have). And this should give you starting point. And post all your questions in this board (P.S - Just don't start new topic on each question ;) )

Serpentine Hey thanx Eigen! I already downloaded the SCI program and
I am ready to rock and roll. Hopefully things will work out hahaha....

But like you said if I have questions you will surtainly hear
from me ;D

Thnx again