Car Driver v.11 done

Joey Hello. Nothing big. Car Driver v.11 is complete and can be downloaded at my site:

There isn't too much you can do, it is just for you to get an idea of what the game is going to be like. I will upload it to Chris's site as well. I know its not much, but let me know what you think and please give me your suggestions.
b@st@ste i've got a suggestion: DONT UL A GAME WHEN YOUVE GOT NOTHIN TO SHOW US!!!

man this game was crappy dude!

er... no offense
AGI1122 The game has been approved and can now be downloaded from And smartguy posted a new announcement which you can see in the news of the site.
b@st@ste hm... i see

criticism is not allowed here :-\

that, or chris 'n' joey are brothers/close friends/penpals :-X :-X

i wasnt trying to annoy anyone, but maybe i was to harsh ::)

wat i 'meant 2 say' was: joey, i love your game so far :-* :-* :-*, but i dont think you rule in artwork.

(i truly love that fancy titlescreen you did! you really put much effort into that 1 :( )
Joey dude who the fuck are you. i dont care if you think it sucks. i think it sucks too. i didnt put much effort into it. if you didnt notice, it is a DEMO. perhaps in the future versions it will be better quality? maybe you fuckhead! i never said it was good, and i never said it was the full version. if it was the full version i would be ashamed of myself. i havent put much work into my games like i should, but on any other games i make i am going to give it my best.
Joey P.S. me and chris are not close brothers/friends/whatever else.

P.P.S. sorry for the language moderators :-\
Joey wrote:
i think it sucks too. i didnt put much effort into it.

Then, once again, why upload it?

im not here to irritate (i failed there, i guess), but date quest 1/2 were fun playing and worth uploading, but this one...

well, didnt mean to start a 'fight'. sorry 'bout that
b@st@ste wrote:

hm... i see
criticism is not allowed here :-\

Criticism IS allowed, it's just your wording, man. It's actually quite offensive. I don't mean to be rude, but hey? Let's see you do better. ;)
Prove you can and then give us your crap.
Robin_Gravel b@st@ste

Understand we're making agi game for fun not for selling games. Not everybody can make games the same quality as Sierra did.

If you're looking perfect games you will be disapointed.

Myself I enjoyed many fanmade games (not just mines)

I enjoyed from Date quest to Enclosure (nearest Sierra quality).

Robin gravel
MagickPoultry b@st@ste,

The problem isn't criticism. Polite, constructive criticism is a good thing that should be welcomed. The problem as I see it is that you seem to have joined the message board just to insult people and their games. Your first two postings were both extremely rude replies to game announcements by Joey and Robin. Did you join for the specific purpose of insulting them? I'm generally not one to openly question people's motives, but geez... :-\
b@st@ste wrote:
hm... i see

criticism is not allowed here :-\

that, or chris 'n' joey are brothers/close friends/penpals :-X :-X
I approve pretty much all AGI games... whether they are awsome, crappy, complete, demo's, incomplete, abandoned, etc.

I do not take into consideration the person making it, or how well the game is made and works and the quality of it. The most I do for approving a game is making sure that it doesn't have anything in the zip that shouldn't be(like viruses). And to make sure the content isn't something that could get my site shut down(like f*** quest).
gpm Note the tactful non-answer by Chris ::)
AGI1122 ... tactfull... I didn't realize people wanted an answer to that. :P

My previous post sums things up, I would have approved it regardless of having known Joey. I approve all games except for those with questionable content.

The truth is, I have talked with Joey before on AIM and such. So we would be sort of penpals at most... not brothers or friends. Although I consider it more of an aquaintance then anything else.
Rich Hi Joey, Can I make a suggestion for your game?

When the roads go diagonal, you should have the road increase exactly one pixel horizontally for every pixel that increases vertically. That way, if you hit the diagonal key, you move smoothly through it with either having to adjust or hit the wall.

Of course, you should have the car view change when the direction changes.

Joey yeah i was going to fix the roads eventually. i was going to try and get the car to go diagonal like on PQ. its only the first demo guys. i dont even know if im going to keep that name for the game.

by the way, all of my games that i have made are crappy. any NEW ones (not car driver) will have more effort put into them, but im not an artist.
b@st@ste it so nice to see im appreciated!!

my friend allen said: "Prove you can and then give us your crap."

sorry, but i cant. i suck at agi, thats why i dont upload my stuff (subtle hint, folks ;) )

agi-god robin said: "Myself I enjoyed many fanmade games (not just mines)"

you mean you actually like other peoples stuff? we're not worthy! we're not worthy!

everything magickPoultry said

hm, i see what you mean. i started off on the wrong foot, i admit.
but understand, i was somewhat 'blown away' by joeys 'game' after playing numerous other fanmade agigames. i get the feeling some people think its important to launch as many games as possible & ignore any (visible) effort on the way there. sure, some of us (including yours truly) suck at graphics, but some of us really try to make the best of it. cant say i got that feeling playing car driver v.whatever or any game of robin 'call me god & you may visit my website' gravel (or am i being extremely rude again?)

everything joey said or is about to say


closing statement:
i was just trying to get people to be more honest about what they think of other peoples games. not just say "oh, its sooo cool" when its obviously not just to get a possitive response when you ul your own game.

its a way to 'boost' quality & keep the whole agiscene a bit more challenging.

oh, well...
rwfromxenon b@st@ase

Sorry if you don't feel appreciated. Criticism is welcome, but like you said previously, it was a bit harsh. If there's something you don't like about the games, then just tell us. Say, "Hey Joey, this game's artwork could use a little work." rather than "man this game was crappy dude!"

Oh, and sorry about what I said about "then give us your crap". I was kinda pissed off by the fact that you had flamed the game without giving much indication as to what you didn't really like.

Don't take it the wrong way, I'm just trying to say we're all buds here.
Joey let me say for the 80th time, i did not put much effort into that game. i did mostly that whole thing in one day a long time ago. like i said, in my future games i am going to put more effort into it. i was thinking of starting a Robin Hood game, because i recently read a nice robin hood book.

and stop bullshitting us with all of this crap. everyone give contructive critisism here, no one says they like a game when they dont. we say how we feel about the game to help the person work better towards it. we dont say, hey idiot, your game looks like the shit i took last night, and you suck at agi. we dont say anything like that at all. we help each other, we dont put each other down, even though i know most of my stuff sucks.

i can do a lot better with my games, but i just dont have the time to put in that much effort. the ONLY thing made by me in agi that i am SOMEWHAT pleased with, is Solar System Tour. I am not satisfied with any of the games i made. ok im done here.