Flor I can't find the key for the keyhole in the ice cave and the monster wants my brains. I think there is an undreground passage to the temple with the pit in the south but can't find it also. Can someone please help me? Thanks.
Robin_Gravel Naturette II is the most ambitious agi game I made.

There are five different paths to reach the temple. Only one path can be used chosen by the computer.

Tell me all the objects you have found and I'll tell you how to reach the temple.

Robin Gravel
Flor Thank you for replying.
I found: a knife, a pumpkin, a flag (got bow&arrow), a mirror, a ladder, a microphone (got a dancing rope), a film for the photographer, a medicine for the ill boy and I think that's all. I am missing two tiles.
I would appreciate if you could help me with the other two points (ice cave and monster).
I'm also stuck in Naturette III but I'll open a new post for that later.

Thank you again.
Robin_Gravel Hi Flor

Enter at the left O'Brian cave and click on one of the beds.
A tile might be hidden.

Click on a cactus in the house and you'll find a tile.

On the path leads to the ice cave, click on the sign to get a tile.

Get a carrot in the garder and use it in a hole (room 107). You will take another tile.

Once you have all the tiles, go back to meet Lady Ellen W McBurger. She gives you a key to open the temple door.

With bow and arrows go back to the ice cave, go to the chasm
part. Use the bow here, a bridge should appear.

You don't have to deal with the monster. This part of the game
uses different path.
If you wish to see all the five different paths of the games, just play it over and over. You'll meet another people this way.

Robin Gravel
Flor Hello Robin
I had already found the tiles you mentioned. I'll keep looking for those two I'm still missing and I surely will play again to try another path. It is a nice game.

Thank you very much and bye.
Robin_Gravel Hi Flor

If you tell me which tiles are missing I may help you better.

Go to the inventory and click on the tile to see a puzzle-like.
Let me know which puzzle part are missing.

O = tile taken
X = tile missing


Robin Gravel
Flor Hello Robin
I was mistaken in my previous posts: I'm missing only one tile. I'll show you which :


Thanks again for your help.
Robin_Gravel This part is easy.

Go to the room 214. It's a beach. You should see a blue darker
on the water. Go on it and click it. You should find a tile underwater.

Robin Gravel
Flor Robin

Thanks to you I finished the game, although I made only 247 points.
I had already been to that blue dark in the water but never though of clicking on it (loved that dive scene).
Saw your point hints at the end but I have no idea of how to un-freeze that super hero. Tried to open, look, walk and speak to all the doors but nothing happenned (Ooops! Just remembered I forgot the Eagle door).
I laughed out loud when I was killed by Hulk's hand.

Thank you again, Robin. Bye
b@st@ste er...

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You're not making friends around here, pal... Can't you just accept that some people do like these games?