animating object problems

smartguy240 :-\ OK, I have a question.

I have tried

[glow=red,2,300]THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS[/GLOW]of ways to get my object to animate on the screen.
it is called o2, and it is positioned at 100,100, which is in the water (ok, it is a fish). But every time I want my animated object to be on screen, it isn't there

this is in my defines list
#define fish o2

is that the problem?

I really think that the problem is that I dont know which codes to place in the block of commands.

Do I need any flags, vars, controls, or anything on these commands?

[color=LimeGreen][glow=red,2,300]I AM CLUELESS!!![/glow][/color]

Joel To get something on the screen, you need to issue at least the following commands:


// load the view
// set the view

// set the loop (if necessary)
// set the cel (if necessary)

position(fish, 100, 100);
AGI1122 Oooops stupid me... it looks like the same question is in this thread also. I said the same thing except for in the other thread he wrote it in.
smartguy240 Sorry, It is my bad... ::) :P :-\ :'( :P 8) :-