Russian SCI-Font

Damio Hi
A have a question to people who are developing SCI games based on russian language. I read some information on this forum about problem, that SCI font type contains only 128 characters.
Does anyone solve this problem?
Somewhere i saw the opportunity of replacement of English letters corresponding on the keyboard by Russian. Does someone have such font? At itself to draw it is impossible.
I CREATE Russian SCi-font with 255 (!!! Unbelivable) Characters! It contains both english both russian characters!
Khaveen unlogged No it isn't. I've used a 255 characters russian font with a SCI0 game three months ago. :p
Errant_Elf Arghhh!
Why you were silent?
There are a lot of themes about impossibility of existence Russian Font in this forum. And you was silent!
If you have told about it earlier, it will save SO MUCH time.
Khaveen again I posted about it. Just search this forum for Russian SCI.
Errant_Elf Khaveen, eto ti tam SQ3 perevodiw na VGA? :)
Khaveen (unlogged) Ya ya. ;) Kuda ti propal s forumov PRCA?
Kogda KQ3 vistavish'?
Errant Elf Da net, ya tuda postoyanno zagliadivau. Prosto, u menia ne bilo pri4in 4to-nibud' tam pisat'. A KQ3 skoro vilozhem.