Sound/Music Info needed (not soundbox!)

LogiK Hi,
I am completly new to SCI dev. But i have been playing the game for a long time. I am interested in creating my own little game with a few freinds.. The tuttorial was very helpfull and so is this forum. but i cant seem to find info on this anywhere.. here is the questions...

1- How do i use sound fx in the game? like i understand there is a way to put in code to run a sound resource.. but is there already many sounds in the sci template game? and how do i know what sound code is linked to witch sound?

2-How would i put in my own sound fx.. say i want to make a sound of a door opening when you open the door.. how would i get a door sound into midi? i know its not possible to convert WAV to midi so how did they do all this for the old sierra games? can i code my own sound fx?

TIA! for any help.. I have crawled these forums and couldnt really find any info on creating/using sound's? .. i guess im going to search the help file right now..mayby find somemore info there...
Eigen I'll try to answer as much as I know:

To play a sound effect, use.
(send gTheSoundFX: prevSignal(0) stop() number(20) loop(1) play())
where the 20 or whatever i s the sound number to play.

2) You could download a midi creation program. I recommend Anvil Studio, ( ). There create your midis and midi-sound-fx. Then use Soundbox to import your midi, and from the Edit > Channel Properties .. and tick all the Play Flags in the played channels. Then Save As to SCI sound format. Import it into your game, and you should be able to use it.
For some reason all the sound cards don't play those home made sounds. But you could try one of the other sound drivers (The attachment) . Just edit the soundDrv = ... line in resource.cfg file to find the one that works for you.

For me, as I have SB Live!, gm.drv and mpumidi.drv work. They should work with the newer on-board sound cards too.

The attachment also includes one sci sound made from a midi, use it to check if it works.

LOgik :D Tnx much for info.. i have made a ton of sound fx with cubase sx and am hopefully going to be using them in game. .. Just one more question ;D .. Is there a way to rip sounds from old sierra games like LSL or PQ .. tnx!!!!!!! ;D ;D