Cool! New Board!

Icabod I'm really happy to see a decent agi board that's not ridiculously slow or unrealiable! Thanks dark fiber!
Egri What happned to the old agi board?
myst I redirected the agiboard url to point to df's messageboards because some people were unhappy with the other board. I see no reason to waste several hours a week (as I have for the past month or so) trying to "fix" a board that people do not like, nor can I control whether the server hosting the board is down, being upgraded, was hacked, or simply runs slowly for some people (though not for everyone).

Moving to a new server has been unsuccessful (there are very few free servers without ads that allow CGI and provide enough room for a mb this size), and I am tired of trying to do everything by myself. It is not, and never was, MY board.

I do hope that everyone will be happy with this board, and that the AGI community will continue to grow and thrive.
df Hey myst, i appreciated what you did for the old message board, and i know how much work goes into it. so far this board has been maintenance free and i hope it stays that way!