Serguei's destiny

Robin Gravel :)Hi everyone.

I wonder if Serguei's destiny is to easy to complete. I said it because a got a little feedbacks about this game.

For someone who don't know Serguei's destiny, go to my site,

click on "jeux agi" and click on "page suivante" until you find this game.

Serguei's destiny unlike Naturette is full english and complete.

Robin Gravel
Unnamed If I knew more french I could translate your page.
Robin Gravel :)
You don't need to understand french to download Serguei's destiny.

Just click on "jeux agi" and click on "page suivante" until you find Serguei's destiny. Then click on the Serguei's picture to download this game.

Robin Gravel
Nick Sonneveld Hi,

I realise you wanted people to look through your site so I won't give the full url.. but I discovered that when i clicked on the link, I got a 404 file not found error.

However, i think it was just a case error because I changed the filename's letters to lower case (ie "") and it worked fine.
Robin Gravel
Thanks Nick to report a broken link. Now it's fixed.

"I do like the extra features you've added to help new adventure players."

Naturette features a command list like Serguei's destiny except the list is stayed in french so it's useless for english player.

Someone who had translated Naturette in english for me had forgotten to translate the command list and one or two rooms in english.

I am going to plan to release a new version of Naturette (english and french) with bug free. The english version will be
full english.

Some jokes hidden in Naturette will be more difficult to translate in english. Maybe I need to remove most of them from the game.

Robin Gravel