Script buffer size

Kon-Tiki What the heck does this mean o_O I get this error
Script buffer overflow.
Maximum size = 50
Press ESC to quit.

I'm using Nagi, if that helps...
rwfromxenon I'm surprised that you've been in AGI this long and have never had that message :D
Robin_Gravel I got this message as well when I put many commands
in my games.

Just set up the maximum size higher. 150 should be ok.

Robin Gravel

Rich I occasionally do a sort of full screen animation where I cycle through different pics all in the same logic, and after about twenty or thirty cycles of that, I get the same error too. It's just one of the limitations of AGI, and it has to be worked around. You can't do too many commands or change the pic in the same logic or it will crash like this. Tis life.
Joel There have been numerous topics on this subject. I don't feel like looking for them myself. There are ways around it, however, depending on what you're trying to do.

I think you can disable the script buffer temporarily or you can pop the last script buffer item out of the script buffer -- you have to be careful doing it, though, because the script buffer is used for saving games and restoring them to the state they were in. Make sure you're only keeping non-essential information out of the script buffer.
Joel also, nick wrote a tutorial about this topic:
Rich Oh wow! It's a good thing I read that! I just made a huge improvement to my game. Thanks, Nick and Joel.