FQ2 sort of Poll

Rich Hi,

Well as you all know, FQ2 is in its final stages. I've made the whole end of the game minus certain sort of scenes.

Here's my question: I've made a special ending which gives a way a lot concerning FQ3. Do you think that this ending should only be shown for those who have got a maximum score or should it be shown for everybody? I got inspired by how Enclosure only shows the bloopers for those who maxed out their scores. What do you think?
AGI1122 Well those systems can be quite annoying... it forces people to either play the game over and over trying to find all the points... or dig into the code and try to find out where the points are. Of course you can do what I did in Time Quest... hack the ending sequence so that the score instantly goes to the max, and boom, no need to do the work of finding points. ;D
Rich Really? I thought Time Quest wasn't finished... I didn't realize you got something out of demo 2 for getting the max points.

You make a good point, Chris, and I'm inclined to agree with you. I really want everyone to see the ending whether they get all the points or not. I did spend close to a week making it. Well, we'll see what others have to see.
Candy How about putting it only for high scores (as opposed to max scores)? That makes it reachable for all people that want to, and gives people incentive to play again (getting 999 out of 1000 points is not a reason to call somebody bad).
Joel I also think max score is a little high a requirement. On the other, that isn't such a big deal if the game is one that people will want to play through again and try to get all the points.

But it could be that there are certain required actions you have to take in order to get the best possible ending (that is, optional in terms of finishing the game but required in terms of getting the 100% complete ending). I see no problem with rewarding players who really take the time to explore your game. Of course, you would want to make it clear that there is a better ending available or something if you do that.
Joey i agree with chris. you see the ending no matter the score. maybe you could get a new girl to do or something if you get max score.
Robin_Gravel Hi Rich

May I suggest to make an ending no matters the scores but
seeing a preview of F*** quest 3 if the score reaches the high score.

In Naturette 2, if you reach the high score you'll see a preview of Naturette 3.

Robin Gravel
Rich Well, Robin, ordinarily, that would be a great idea, except that I'm making FQ3 in AGS instead of AGI, so it won't be compatible. However, the special ending I've made already hints at FQ3 anyway.

I think I'm just going to include the ending for everybody.
cloudee1 That is the way to go, the player has already missed some of your work if they don't explore and get maximum points, there's no reason to make them miss even more of it, especially if it hints at the next installment because it (the sequal) doesn't care if you got full points or not, it's not going to change.