point and click

shughes I wont to convert my SQ3 to point and click instead of typing out the words. does anyone have any ideals ???

can you convert a sci game to a sci1 or a ags game ???

any help would be appreciated thank you.
AGI1122 You would have to rewrite all the sources to do that. And it wouldn't be very easy currently because first off you can't use Sierra games sources since SCI Studio doesn't decompile them.

Second, SCI Studio VGA isn't released so there isn't a built in point and click interface that you could use, you would have to design something all on your own.

As for convertering, there is no converter specifically, you have to rewrite the games into the different format.
shughes I extracted all of the resources the pic.views,midi,scripts,text and so on. But how to I get them to work in AGS?

I tried to play the midi files in a midi player buy they must be compiled or something
AGI1122 The sound resources and not in midi format.

You are going to have to write converter that converts them from sound resoure to midi.

The pictures and views are going to have to be manually copied and pasted one by one into an AGI format.

There are not tools to convert this stuff to AGS, and we don't support AGS, so you need to look elsewhere to find help on that.
Eigen I think there's already SQ3 point'n'click being made in AGS. But I'm not 100% sure....

AGI1122 It was SQ2 not SQ3. ;)
timbo There is a SQ3 being done in AGS

Anony Someone made a leisure suit larry 2 remake using point and click, the graphics (EGA) and storyline are the same but it totally point and click no typing http://www.agsforums.com/games.php?action=detail&id=356

its actually a very good remake
AGI1122 That has nothing to do with this topic... they are talking about a point and click sq3... not lsl. :P
Nychold Actually, a little bit to the contrary, Chris. Not only did Anony more or less prove that such a task can be done, but gave shughes a place to start looking for help in converting SQ3 into an AGS version, with a PnC interface. Granted, it's not much on topic, but a little bit at least. :)