A little problem

hingedshinobi I didn't know where to post this so I decided to post it here. Whenever I run fan made SCI games I get to play about a minute of them and then the game crashes and sends me back to the desktop without an error message (the same thing happens with Sierra made SCI games) does anyone else have this problem and/or know how to solve it?

thanks in advance
AGI1122 Well maybe if you told us what error you receive? ;)
hingedshinobi wrote:

...sends me back to the desktop without an error message (the same thing happens with Sierra made SCI games) ...

I didn't get an error
Nychold What OS are you using? Windows, Linux, OS/2, etc?
hingedshinobi Windows XP Professional.

Other specs:
Processor : 2.0GHz AMD Athlon running at 1.7GHz
Dunno the graphics card
Bulit-in sound card
Nychold Try right clicking on sciv.exe and selecting "Compatibility with Windows 95" mode. If there's still a problem, you might need to run the installation program which comes with the SCI game and try a few other settings, like no sound.
hingedshinobi this problem happens with most of the old DOS applications I have so I might try a DOS emulater and I have already tried the Windows 95 Compatability
AGI1122 Sorry I have been up for 2 days straight... and mistook "without" for "with". ::)
cloudee1 I really like VDMSound. very user friendly, You just right click, and highlight "run with VDMS"

Dominic I also run Windows XP and I play all my SCI0 and SCI1 Sierra games under DOSBox (http://dosbox.sourceforge.net). It emulates the Soundblaster, so I now use it instead of having to install VDMSound. Sometimes it's a bit stuttery on talkie games, but this shouldn't be a problem on fast machines.
AndyPanda Ok, I know this thread is half a year old, but anyway...MSN messenger causes SCI games to minimize (on message or reconnect), and even quit sometimes, without a error message. It's only happened with fan made games this far (though I use my 486 for older games, so it would probably happen with Sierra games too). I don't know if it's just here, or if it is a general problem.
RJD. Well, thats not SCI or MSN's fault. Just about any game you play will minimize if another window opens up. Just like if you hit that windows key on yer keyboard, the game will minimize. Most games will still work when you maximize again, though I have had some freeze up, go black, etc. My advice o' the day: Don't have other programs running while gaming.
AndyPanda I found out the solution to this one yesterday (or something similar at least). A friend of mine tried to play an early version of my game, and it just freezed right after the title screen. Same happened with other games made in SCI studio. It turned out that the problem was that he used a USB mouse and keyboard. When he switched over to ps/2 (using converters), it was OK. I don't know if this is covered somewhere else on the forum, I couldn't find it at least.