Hitler's Legacy Poll: AGIScumm or not?

brian_corr Here's the question:

Do you think that Hitler's Legacy should drop AGIScumm?

The saving error is still around and will really hamper the finished product.

The game's progress is slow.

Do you think it's worth AGIScumm?  

???   PLEASE!!! Post an answer.   ???

Robin Gravel Hi Brian...

Making a Scumm using Agi is a good idea.

I wonder if the author of The lost planet has the same
problem like you.  His/her game is using texts unstead using objects.

My idea about saving /restoring game. Why you don't use passwords unstead using saving and restoring.

For example, after your guy (hero) makes some tasks
just give a password. When player plays back to the game, he may write a password unstead using restore
feature and give the hero all the objects he has found.

Robin Gravel.

Ps: don't give up.

Lexa An AGIScumm...sounds good! It is many ways easier for the player to play Scumm games, cause you don't have to know the exact words for every situation.
More Scumm!
Oktal I'm writing an SCI/SCUMM game.
There's nothing there now, but wait until the beginning of August for a non-playable demo, and the beginning of September for a playable one.
MK My opinion is that it's OK to make an AGI SCUMM game as long as you don't have to use a hacked interpreter to play the game (AGI Mouse, 256 colour AGI, etc). This because Sierra's AGI interpreter itself probably isn't legal to distribute anyway, and besides the old interpreter doesn't run well in WinNT/2K (which many people use, including myself - I hate Win9x, and haven't even tried WinMe), and not at all on any Unices.

In other words, it should be possible to play the game with Sierra's interpreter AND Sarien AND Nagi - if that is not possible with your AGI Scumm implementation, then you should drop it IMO.

Brian Provinciano I think you should do it, and use AGI Mouse  ;D

With AGI Mouse, you can make use of the dead space on the bottom of the screen, and actually have a nice mouse to use. Remember the demo I made a really long time ago (like two years ago) that simulated the point and click interface with normal AGI? It's terrible moving the mouse cursor with the arror keys.

Also, Since so many people ask questions like "how do I run AGI games", I've started including intepreters with my stuff. Sierra really doesn't care, or even reply to the emails regarding it. It was just a suspision started a long time ago that it wouldn't be legal, Sierra never actually said not to.

Ken Williams' (Founder of Sierra) site has AGI256 for download. If that doesn't convince you, I don't know what will
MK Well, if you absolutely want to make a game which uses AGI Mouse and/or 256 color pics, you have to - and I really mean have to make sure that Sarien and Nagi support these, ahem, "extensions". Because if not, people will have problems playing your game unless they're using Win9x or plain DOS. And you're not so evil you'll force people into using Win9x, are you?  :'(.

So, unless you know for a fact that these interpreters will eventually support AGI Mouse by the time your game is done, please, please don't use these silly hacked interpreters (I understand that Brian would want people to use his hacked interpreter, but still...  ;) ).

Brian Provinciano I was chatting with Nick last night and he has added AGI Mouse support. Not only that, but NAGI is a COMPLETE interpreter, as functional as the original. So that, with AGI Mouse is super motivation for AGI Mouse gamers!
MK If the AGI Scumm "concept" works in NAGI, then I guess it's OK for me, too  ;). But do you have to manually make NAGI AGI Mouse "aware" (ie. you have to specify manually when you're running an AGI Mouse game)?

NAGI seems to be working perfectly for me on Win2k, so I hope a Linux version will come eventually!

sonneveld NAGI uses a config file called standard.ini and it defines the various v2 and v3 "standards".