Martin I have two problems... The first is that the object that ego is picking up in my game doesn
Joey instead of erase(o1);
try erase(gun);
if that doesnt work, try erase("gun");

im not sure if that will work. i forget how i made it so you wont walk over an object. i changed some lines in the tutorial and ego didnt walk over it. ill try and post the code later.
MagickPoultry Where in the logic do you have "draw(o1)"? Make sure it isn't drawing it again after it erases it.
Martin This is the end of the logic:

else {
print("You're not close enough.");
else {
reset(input_parsed); // let logic 90 take care of it


I tried to write both "gun" and gun, but it came up an error that said that it should be an object, and when I write o1, it says "compile successful".
MagickPoultry I'm sorry. I should've been more specific. Is there a "draw(o1)" command somewhere in the logic that gets executed every cycle? For example, is it outside of the "if (new_room)" block? If it is somewhere outside of any "if" statement, it will get executed every cycle, and the gun will look like it never got erased. Or, if it is inside of an "if" statement that is still true during the next cycle, the same thing will happen. So, probably, unless there is a reason to do otherwise, you should put the draw command inside the "if (new_room)" section. If that's where it is already, then I don't know what the problem is off-hand.
AGI1122 Joey is completley wrong so don't worry about doing those things because they will not work.

It would only have worked if he had defined the o1 as gun somewhere else, which most likely he didn't. I don't even define my objects when I work with AGI. I use o1, o2, o3, etc... instead of giving them defined names. And you don't have to define a name either.
Martin Thanks Jimmy! That was the problem.
Anyone knows anything about my other problem?
MagickPoultry I'm not quite sure of what you mean by your second problem. Is it "observe.objs(o1)" that you want, as opposed to "ignore.objs(o1)"? That would make it so the ego can't walk through the bottom line of the object. Is that what you want?
Martin Hmm... It is hard to explaine. Just so ego can`t walk over an object, I mean so that he stops when he reaches it.
MagickPoultry I'm still not sure exactly what you mean, but how about doing the following:


if (v255 < 5) {
if (!isset(f255)) {
ego_dir = 0;
else {

You can replace v255 with another variable and f255 with another flag, and you can replace 5 with whatever distance away from the object that you want the ego to stop walking. What this ought to do is when the ego is walking and gets within a certain distance from the object, he'll stop, and then if the player presses an arrow, he should start walking again. If he gets back within the distance again, he'll stop again.
If it's an object that you can pick up, once it gets erased, the distance between it and the ego should always be 255, so the ego shouldn't stop anymore.

There are other ways of doing the same thing.