A new game

WiZkiD Hi, I'm WiZkiD. I just wanted to let you all know about my AGI project.
I haven't done all the details yet, but there will probably be some sort of hero-type main character.
And it will probably take place in a medieval fairytale atmosphere.
I'm trying not to include any action at all.
But you will still kill a few monsters, but they will probably not be able to kill you. I will also remove time limit and timing. You WILL be able to die, but only when doing EXTRODINARY, REMARKABLY, INCREDIBLY stupid things, such as jumping from a cliff.
There will be a lot of thinking, but I'm sure you all have the brains required :)
Btw, the hero needs a name, give me suggestions.

If you have any questions or suggestions, just reply.
mikeyboy775 I don't have any suggestions for names, but a good place to look would be in old Medieval stories. Also you could get ideas from Christy Marx's Conquest of ______ games. Sierra made them and they are pretty good. They star Robin Hood and King Arthur. They get pretty detailed about Medieval times. I'd like to see someone make a Medieval AGI game.  
Grae_Jakal Use the name Naeron, it is good.
Jonozon If you don't like Naeron I'll take it. That's a pretty good name. I still haven't though of a name for my hero yet.

wiewel_420 hey use mitch, thats a great name... or even Mitch W. thats pretty damn cool i think.
jk with ya but sure use it anyways can any of u help me with a game i need someone to do logic for me cause i cant ill do all the art etc. unless one of u can teach me logic?!?!?