Sierra Games (agi/sci) on a Pocket PC

debikkel Hi

Being a fan of classic adventuregames of both Sierra and Lucasarts, I have done quite some research on how to best play these games on the go. I'll give a short list of what I know, so if anybody has any suggestions please post them.

All LucasArts games:
- PocketScumm (need we say more?)

Sierra AGI games:
- Pocket Sarien (very nice, it should have landscape mode though)
- Pocket DOS (this emu supports MCGA and CGA only, so no EGA, therefore it's in B/W, )
- GBAGI on any GBA emulator (GBA emu's for PPC are still a bit slow, but GBAGI offers an excellent solution to the usual textparser. If GBAGI could be ported to Pocket PC this would be the best one -in my humble opinion-)
- CastCE (Atari ST emulator, this one does a great job as well, has landscape mode, looks great, only the keyboard layout is much too big for proper usage as text-input which becomes quite irritating after a while)

Sierra SCI (ega) games:
- CastCE (as far as I know this is the only one, since pocketDOS doesn't have EGA gfx)

Sierra SCI (vga) games:
- PocketDOS (looks excellent, just like the original games on pc, though somewhat slow...)

Special games:
- King's Quest 1 was also released for the Sega Master System, and can be played with CE/gg and Morphgear

I think if both GBAGI and freeSCI get ported to Pocket PC, it would be superb. Right now there still is no really good way to play Space Quest 3 on the go

I've heared Linux can be used on some PPC's, well I own a Casio E-125 and HP2210, and there's no Linux for them yet. Besides, I doubt if any of these adventure games would be playable there. Somebody tried?

I know that some early Space Quests and King's Quests were released on the Apple II as well. I tried running KQ1,2 and 3 on the Apple II emulator but they won't run. Anybody any luck with that?

And if you have any tips or good suggestions on how to play AGI and SCI games on a Pocket PC, let us all know! It'd be great to hear your experiences with playing these classics on your PPC, maybe you know things I didn't think of yet.



PS, if you own a Casio (mips processor) -like me-, I just compiled the CastCE source code for MIPS, so finally mips owners can use it too. Download it at
Brian_Provinciano I will be porting GBAGI to the PocketPC when I get some time. Busy with work at the moment, but when I squeeze in time to implement the virtual keyboard and finish the screen scrolling (to view the bottom area), I will begin my ports.