Tex McPhilip 2

Ed I am surprised to find that Tex McPhilip 2 hasn't received much coverage on AGI websites...it is a truly excellent game....I guess people have been too focused on the newest Handyman "sequel". ::)

Robin_Gravel Hi Ed.

I'm not too focused on the newest Handyman "sequel".

Your games Tex McPhillips 1 and 2 are too much offence for me. See the pope killing some people is not a good idea after

So you can't see them from my site.

Robin Gravel
Ed Just for the record, the Tex McPhilip games weren't made by me, they were made by AGIer Jimmy D.
MagickPoultry The problem, as it seems to me, is twofold.  
First, I'm not much of a publicist.
Second, the AGI community is relatively small.  This makes it improbable that the Tex McPhilip games will reach their target audience, also small, in this group of people.  That's okay; people have a right to play and discuss what they want.

However, I am happy to say that the two games seem to have attained a tiny underground following.  They've popped up on a Russian site among various commercial games.  And someone else I don't know wrote up walkthroughs.  Also, I found positive reviews at this one website, comparing them favorably to King's Quest and the first Leisure Suit Larry.  I found that a bit hard to swallow myself, but at least it's positive.
Vonster_D_Monster [color=Red]Well Jimmy D, or MagickPoultry, I downloaded Tex Mcphilip 2 and I have to say, pretty cool. I don't agree with some of the stuff in it, but it's a work of fiction and that matters about as much as an Orat on a stick. Besides I also liked some of the stuff, but I'm a sick puppy and therefore won't go there.

The game is complete, with multiple chapters, some decent puzzles and I enjoyed it. I do hope more people at least give it a try. I know some people will probably get upset by some things, but it's just a game after all, and as games go I think it was a good job.

Taken for what it is, in my opinion, it was a pretty nice little game, and I had fun playing it.

I hope you try another some time.