artist available

Ed Just to let everyone know, I'm available for help with drawing scenes for anyone's AGI projects.  Jonozon-How's Shay-Larah coming along?  Drop me an email if you still need an artist.

Jeremy Hi I Need Somebody to draw me a picture of a island shore and some others give me your email and homepage so we can get in contact

            jeremy higney
Jonozon I sent you an email but it obviosly didn't reach you, I have got my old artist back, and am making him do everything - this maintains an even look throughout the game.


PS: I am still willing to help with logics on your game though.
Ed Thanks for clarifying--I'm thinking over a few ideas for games, its all a matter of getting them off the ground.  

Jeremy ;)Hey Ed I would love to help you in aney way i can just to let you know.:)

Jeremy higney also called as J.H
Ed Just to let everyone know, I'm still available for artwork.