KQ6 screen in GK1CD ??

Omer Mor looking through the pictures in the gk1cd resources, I found the beach picture from KQ6 in resource 2000.p56.
Does any1 know if and where in the game it is shown?
Nychold If I had to guess, I would say that Sierra simply forgot to remove the image before publishing the game. I doubt it's an easter egg (like the King's Quest IV space station scene or the Space Quest promo in King's Quest II).
Nychold wrote:

like the King's Quest IV space station scene...

Say what? I never saw that one. Where exactly is it?
Nychold In the AGI version of King's Quest IV, go kill Lolotte. After you finish that, walk down the corridor with the entrance to the storage room and type "BEAM ME". It'll take you there. This only works on the AGI version, though. Or, you could open the AGI version up in AGI Studio and have a look through the rooms. Either way, it's there, and you can get to it through the game.
Radiobuzz I remember in Phantasmagoria 1, I think that's on the 1