GOA is now open source.

Mike Haley Just a few days after the one year anniversary, Good Old Adventures has gone open source. This means that you can now create your very own online AGI games, and incorporate them into your web site! Your online AGI game will load up directly in the browser. So, no download is required. This has some interesting advantages too. If you are making an AGI game with AGI Studio, and want to give people a quick preview of it, you can use this to make an online demo. Instead of giving people screenshots, give them a link to your online demo, and let them try it out first hand. These are just some of the possibilities. Good Old Adventures even supports SCI now. So, you can put together online SCI games as well. With some more work on the open source code by developers, maybe it will even support SCUMM, and other engines some day. The possibilities are virtually endless. Let the adventures begin...

You can download the source code at:
Oliver cool! I've always wanted to make my own online AGI game. Now it's possible :D!

I'll give it a try! ;)
smartguy240 if anyone needs any help...contact me...im an expert ;)
Brian_Provinciano Nice! Great work!
debikkel I just fixed the code a bit. Should work better in Mozilla / Netscape / Firebird and now has IE50 (Windows) support as well.

I'll break up the code in seperate game-packs soon as well next week.

If you've got any plans on using it, let me know. Would be great to hear about new projects.

- Martin
smartguy240 im going to finish QfG 1...you can view my progress if you wish...

[link posted at a later time]

smartguy240 BTW

debikkel where's the link again? or mail it to me
smartguy240 link to QfG?
debikkel yup, what was it again?
smartguy240 http://pat.patat.org/GOASCI

this is the first public viewing of it...and i couldnt figure out how to get a character list to load...so i improvised :)

if you see any problems other than in the garden, please post them here.

have fun guys!
(BTW MK: if you want a uploadable SCI devkit, i can make one to put up)

EDIT: HEY! What gives? How do i fix that problem with the character??? Is the devkit in the open source section not uploadable???