Fan-made AGI Games

Nick Sonneveld I thought it would be nice to have a thread of AGI game links.
Andrew Dickerson Disco Nights

(modified by Nick Sonneveld to reduce excess quotage.)
TheSam The Ben Bum Adventure was cancelled a while ago because Terry didn't have time to create it.

*Goes to find the register button*
DopefishJustin Justin Quest
sonneveld Residence 44 Quest
Robin_Gravel The Pharaoh's quest and Handyman III  have theirs broken links. Only the residence 44 quest works.

Robin Gravel
sonneveld The handyman one was a joke but it's a pity about the Pharaoh Quest though.
Meezo Ralph's Quest should be coming out soon! Sorry I don't have a website!

I'm still pissed at that bastard Rich Eter for stealing my screenshot and making fun of Ralph ...