PicEdit & Infrared Mouse

Rich Hey, I just bought a new mouse that has the infrared bottom instead of the ball, and it's a thousand times better than my old mouse, but I discovered it doesn't seem to work in PicEdit. Although I got a infrared mouse to work in PicEdit before under an older version of Windows. Perhaps it's the Windows XP and infrared mouse combo that is causing the problem. Anyone have thoughts on this?
Robin_Gravel I have a infrared mouse too with ps2 port. I used win98. Has your mouse with a ps2 port or usb port?

Robin Gravel
Rich No, it's not USB, so it must be the other. Although, I think I resolved the problem with a simple reboot. I went backwards and tried my old mouse which didn't work either. I don't know what it was, but it works fine now. Weird. But, thanks for your consideration. I love these infrared mouses.
smartguy240 i dont...mine has horrible response and i have to click 8,000,000 times to get it to pick up.

so im like "screw it" ::)
Eero R Buy a new one, they're pretty cheap now...
smartguy240 nah no point...i like my standard wire mouse :)
Rich It has a wire. It's not a remote control mouse like a TV remote control. It just uses infrared on the bottom of the mouse instead of the bowl which gets all kind of dirt in it and impossible to manuever.
smartguy240 ah ok nevermind then :)