Programing Question

ZaDocTor Hello, Everyone
This, is a great website! I have always enjoyed playing AGI and SCI Games since the early 80's. :) I'm a graphic designer by trade. And, I'm Designing and programing a new game.

I was wondering if there is a list of all, of the Data, and Directives, Ect.. Like, all the ways to move, or talk Ect. in SCI game programing. Kind of like a Dictionary of all you can put in the game itself. So, I could copy and paste the main information and fill in the rest of the information to my needs. To make it easier, and not having to type so much. So, I'm looking for a website, or disc that might have that type of information.

~ThankYou ZaDocTor~
Nychold There aren't really any "templates" per se, but most of the code in SCI is relatively self explanitory, and the documentation is adequate for most needs. Plus, there's always this forum and the tutorial. :)
ZaDocTor Hello, Nychold
Thank you, for your reply. Yes, I have found the SCI Tutorial very Helpful. And, understandable. I have a SCI game design on paper right now. There, will be around 326 rooms to the game. It is alot to create, I just wanted to shorten the amount of work that is needed to be done on this project.
~ThankYou Again~ :)
cloudee1 Once you create one room then you will have all the cut and paste code that you need, just copy your own It's really not that much typing

1. set up extended look tree
2. set up extended get tree
3. set up extended use tree
4. set up doit method
5. set up changestate method
6. set up types of props
cut and paste then change the wording but not the form,

if you're cutting and pasting from the tutorial be careful, don't assume the brackets are correct, not all of them are.
ZaDocTor Hello, cloudee1
I have done some computer programing a while back. The SCI tutorial was a great refresher course. Simple, and direct. There is, no way a person can put everything in an SCI tutorial. The Basics, is all that matters. Yes, I knew about the brackets and some of the text also. Still, a great SCI Tutorial. It is, good to see people still creating the AGI and SCI games. :) ~TakeCare~