List of all Sierra AGI Games/Demos -- may need help

Vapor1 I think this is all of them, but please provide me with corrections or additions. The ones maked with '---' I'm not sure are AGI games or not. Some sites list them, some don't. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

/Black Cauldron, The
/Donald Duck's Playground
/Gold Rush
/King's Quest 1 - Quest For The Crown
/King's Quest 2 - Romancing The Throne
/King's Quest 3 - To Heir Is Human
/King's Quest 4 - The Perils Of Rosella
/Leisure Suit Larry 1 - In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards
/Manhunter 1 - New York
/Manhunter 2 - San Francisco
---/Mikey's Space Adventure
/Mixed Up Mother Goose
/Space Quest 1 - The Sarien Encounter
/Space Quest 2 - Vohaul's Revenge
/Police Quest 1 - In Pursuit Of The Death Angel
---/Winnie The Pooh - In The Hundred-Acre Woods

/AGI Card
/Demo Pack 1
/Demo Pack 2
/Demo Pack 3
/Demo Pack 4
/Demo Pack 5
/King's Quest 4: The Perils Of Rosella Demo
AGI1122 Mikey's Space Adventure and Winnie The Pooh - In The Hundred-Acre Woods are not AGI games.

Here is a list of Sierra's AGI games:
Vapor1 alright, cool... i haven't played them and i saw that your site didn't list them... but some really old agisci site did. as for the demos/cards is that all of them?

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AGI1122 Well of course it doesn't list demo's... those arn't games. ;)

That should be all of them.

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Joey once again...chris proves me wrong. :D
Joey wrote:

once again...chris proves me wrong. :D
Well then my job here is done. ;)
igboo Is there a listing like the ones mentioned above that actually show what version of AGI a game uses?

Eero R Look at AGI Specs...