Off to a GREAT start. :(

RodeKill Ok, I'm a blatant newbie when it comes to AGI, I just feel the need to great a game using this classic system.
I got AGIStudio.
I unzipped it.
I went to new->from template
Then I run into a bunch of problems.
After I create the folder and select it, instead of loading up a bunch of fun goodness, I get this error:
File access denied.
When I check the folder, all the files have been copied, but I can't do anything.
I'm sure this is just a dumb newbie thing, and I give you all free reign to mock me.
RodeKill Ok, I got it working.
I downloaded the template game separately and it worked.
Is the one included with AGIStudio screwed up?
sonneveld I hear this problem a lot.. and I actually had it too once.  I think the problem is that the zip file for agi studio actually comes with the template files set as "read only".  You just have to select them all, go into properties and unselect the "read only" switch.

It's silly and people posting the agi studio zip should fix this to stop all the confusion.

- Nick
Avi R. Hey Rodekill, you know me as Nostradamus from the AGS Board.. I write the walkthroughs for the Ultimate AGI & SCI site.
Looks to me you're gonna be the first ever guy to do a game on both AGS & AGI!   Congratulations and good luck! ;)
RodeKill Well, from the looks of things, AGI is a monstrous beast of scripting.
My current plan is to play around with AGI as I'm working on my priority, which is the Rode Kill sequel in AGS.
My AGI game will probably be pretty small, 'cause it's REALLY intimidating.
I just have this burning desire to bring the genre back to it's roots, y'know?