About Naturette walkthough

Robin_Gravel 8)
Hi everyone.

In the latest version of Naturette corrected somes bugs speciality in the room 74.

In the room 74, Naturette may climb down a ladder when she is in the other side of the bushes. This bug is fixed.

In the walkthrough found at AGI & SCI website, Naturette climbs down the ladder when she's in the other side of the bushes to complete the game.

With the newest version, some people may not able to complete this game using this walkthrough.

Avi R must rewrite the walkthough to help someone to complete the game. By the way. Naturette is fully english.

Robin Gravel

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Avi R OK, when Brian does the next update on ths tei I will send a corrected walkthrough.
I sent him a few more walkthroughs at the time he uploaded my stuff the last time, that he didn't upload.