tandy 1000 keyboard vs other pc keyboard in sci games

Robin_Gravel In Install program, I noted I need to choose between tandy 1000 keyboard or other pc keyboard.

I'm wondering what's different with these keyboards?

Even when I'm owning PCjr, I need to choose pc keyboard.

Robin Gravel

Nychold The Tandy 1000 had fewer keys: the keyboards were akin to the original IBM PCs, but (if I remember correctly) still looked similar to today's keyboards. Also, according to the following site, some of the scan codes were different:

Tandy 1000/PC Keyboard Differences

[Edit:] Sorry, I meant to say the Tandy 1000 had more keys.
Robin_Gravel Thanks Nychold

So Tandy 1000 computers are the first pc computers who supports F11 and F12 keys.

Great. When IBM adds F11 and F12 on its computers?

Robin Gravel
Nychold Don't quote me on this...but I think it was around the release of the PS/2 when the IBM machines had F11 and F12. And oddly enough, the PS/1 was released later. ??? But if anyone else knows the answer to this, I'd be happy to step down. ^_^