If cel...?

Biosware Ok, here's the deal: Me and my friend are currently writing a simple AGI game (both complete newbies with it) - and got stuck in the second room :D It's supposed to include a fridge which you could open and take the food inside. So how do we make sure the program knows when the food is taken? Is there an "if cel"-command or something to do this with, or must we use flags?

Thanks for taking time to think about something this stupid... :D
Kon-Tiki There's no if-cell command, but there're two ways of doing what you want.
The easiest and most secure way is by setting a flag. This way, when the object is gone by using it, it won't be in the fridge again.

The other way is by using the if (has(objectname)) {-command. This checks wether the player has an object in his inventory. Off course, if he lost it later on it the game, it'll be back there.
Rich Even better than that. Set the object to being in that room when you create it. Then do a if(obj.in.room()) command to see whether it can be gotten or whether a cel should be drawn for it.