Buff? Buffy? No, Buffers?

cloudee1 Hey guys

When I minimize my game and then left-click on it in the taskbar and select properties I find that I am able to change both the buffer size (50) and the number of buffers (4).

I guess my question is then what are the optimal number of buffers to have, and how big should they be, I have had heap space problems and am curious as to whether changing any of this could help
Eigen I don't think that these buffers change anything with your game. This should be the buffer that contains the text you type, in the Comand Prompt, so you can scroll it back and forth.

Anyway I have heap problems too. Is there a limit of Print comads used in a script. I have quite a lot of them in global script (Main), and when I want to put some more in local scripts, I get Out Of Heap Space errors. Any ideas? Could they not be unloaded form the memory correctly?

Jim C I had problems with that too. I had to cut down on the number of global print commands in the main script, AND keep an eye on the number of print statements in the room scripts.
Nychold I doubt the problem exists with Print or any of its derivatives (ie: FormatPrint). I just checked it by calling 100 consecutive FormatPrint calls:

(for (= i 0) (< i 100) (++i)
"Free Heap: %u Bytes\nLargest ptr: %u Bytes\nFreeHunk: %u KBytes\nLargest hunk: %u Bytes"
(>> MemoryInfo(miFREEHUNK) 6)

No leaks, no fragmentation, no nothing. :) Except, there is one odd occurance: After the first print window pops up, the free memory drops a little bit, then remains constant. My guess is this is due to the nature of FormatPrint (having to allocate space for the string). Otherwise, you might want to use the above message (or maybe write it out to a log file) at key stages in your game to track of how the memory is being allocated.
AlexVamp Damn i was hoping that this was about a new Buffy SCI game >:(
cloudee1 Make one.