Saving scripts with AGI Studio

musicstar Hi.

I'm new to AGI and SCI, but I've always been a fan of the Sierra brand of fun and am now looking at the monsterous task of game writing. Anyway the scripting looks simple, and the graphics are not too scary so I think I might just give it a go. (Okay SCI looks a little more scary in general).

So I have my first question, which may be more of an issue, but consequently will probably have me looking at source code:

AGI Studio. When I save a logic script as source code in AGI Studio I will get a message to the effect of "Could not save file in "C:\Program Files\..yadda..\My Game\\src"." I've isolated it to be only when the "src" directory already exists. Consequently my game can compile, but my nicely formatted source is gone, and the next time I look at the logic script its from a decompile.

Anyone else encounter this? Classic problem with a work around? Also if necessary was AGI Studio MS VC or Borland?
b.o.k. Just an idea: maybe this is caused by too many subdirectories. I once had bizarre phenomenons with AGI when I didn't care about the subdirectories. I don't know too much about the insides of the AGI-interpreter but as it is very old I wouldn't wonder if the number of total characters in the names of subdirectories was limited.
Good luck!
musicstar Good thought, but didn't help. Thanks for the idea. Any others?
thesam That happened to me when I tried to run AGI Studio in NT, could that be the problem?
musicstar I am using it under Win2k. Hmmm... Looks like I'm going to the code. Where is it posted these days? The site referenced by Paul Kelly's site seems to be down.