Couple of Questions

Majin_Trugeta ok besides my other question from below, asking how do you make additional loops and cels into one view image, I'm also having a problem with priorities. I'm working on a door tutorial which was done by peter kelly I believe.

First off I wasn't completely successful replicating the background he made with the doorway, blue floors and grey walls. It looks very similar, but of course the coordinates are not exactly the same. So in order to get the door view to fit right I had to find the new coordinates myself, which wasnt hard, but of course my problem is I can't get the door to animate because I don't know how to put more cels into it to give it that animation, I've clicked all over view editor and checked the help but could find nothing that could help me.

Besides that the priority problem I was talking about, is when ego walks through the door. of course, hes moving through a closed door since its the only image I have of the view, but he can also walk through the walls to get back to the other screen. I dont understand why this is happening, I drew the control line exactly as shown on the webpage, and filled in the cyan colored part closer to the front of the screen as shown as well.

I hope this all isn't to confusing but I could use any help that anyone could give. I really want to learn how to do this, but am really stuck here and see no way of figuring this out for myself. Please help!!
brian corr ok then, first of all, to add cells and loops, bring up the view editor, and click on it. then look at the menus that drop-down from the top of agi studio...there should be a cel menu and a loop menu. open one and click insert, append, etc.

your problem with control lines... did you mention cyan? cyan is a strange control line, it allows effects to happen when ego is on it... to stop ego from walking in certain areas, use blue or black

Majin_Trugeta Thanks for the reply, I'll check that out. Yeah, cyan is the color that is shown in the tutorial, from the left part of the door frame to the end of the screen to its left as well, the full side of that wall is filled in cyan in color.

The tutorial can be found here -

Its under the door version. The tutorial shows a blue control line under the door frame, leading into the corner, and branching off along the other wall. This seemed kind of confusing to me but I did it because the tutorial told me to basically, when problems arose, I went back, deleted the blue control line from everywhere except under the door frame, and replaced it with a black one, but still the character walks right through them, what am I doing wrong?
Majin_Trugeta Ok, I think I've found why the priority lines aren't working. I had added the observe.blocks(ego) command incorrectly. This fixed my problem from the door on up, but I'm still experiencing it in that cyan colored area. I'm thinking I might have to redo the entire room if I can't get something working there, because the fill command isn't working in picedit over that block of cyan for some reason.

I got the cels working correctly and after messing around with the door from trial and error got it drawn good enough so it actually closes without part of it bleeding through the wall, but my main problem at the moment is getting the door to open up. I copied the code exactly from the tutorial, but of course, the coordinates would have to be different. How do these work? I figure the #,#,#,# means if ego is anywhere between #,# & #,# it will open the door, so I went into picedit and checked the coordinates of one side of the door, then the other, and used those, but no matter where i stand it always gives me, "You are not close enough" Am I going about this the wrong way? Other then that things are going along smoothly. I'm cleaning up the code from what the template game originally gave me (thankful for my "C" experience on this one, its making learning AGI a lot easier, I'm just glad this board is here to help iron out the bugs for me! Eagerly awaiting your reply so I can get back to learning the ropes.)
brian [glow=red,2,300]HELLO AGAIN[/glow]

So i am not sure you quite get what the prioity lines are....

blue is a conditional barrier. objects cant cross it without the ignore.blocks command being on.

black is an unconditional barrier - nothing crosses it

green is a signal. if ego touches the green line, flag f3 is set. this is useful for automatic doors,etc.

cyan is "water". Objects can be restricted to staying on or off water, and fi ego is on the water, a flag(not sure which) is set.

i dont know why youre using cyan as a barrier

Majin_Trugeta Heh, well misunderstandings abound I guess, I didn't mean I was using cyan as a barrier. I was using it for priority on that part of the wall. so that when ego went through the door, he would be hidden behind the wall... Its basically one of those situations of putting the door in the middle of a priority line, instead of at the boundry, which was giving me the problems. Right now, as mentioned in my most recent post, I'm having trouble with the get/open "coordinates" that need to be set that test if ego is close enough to something or not.