back on the scene...

Rainer hi everyone. after about 2 years of disappearance, i am finally back on the AGI scene. My name is Rainer De Temple, most of you older AGI doods should remember me, I started on the scene back in 1997. I am the author of Escape Quest(the demo), and Pharaoh Quest(also a demo). Anyway, a lot has happened in my life, and now things are finally calming down again to give me enough time to get back into AGI games creation. SO, now I am continuing my efforts on the two games mentioned above, with pharaoh quest at about 50% and escape quest still at about 25%. Hopefully, you should be seeing newer demos(or even full versions) of these games soon(ie in the next couple of months). I am really excited about pharaoh quest - I am hoping to astound the AGI 'community' with some of the advanced features I have added. It plays more like an SCI game than an AGI one. Anyway, I'll stop ranting now. If anyone has _any_ AGI related questions, either about my games or other, please feel free to email me and hopefully I can help you.

PS. Might have a new webpage up soon too. ;D
Eero R Welcome back!
AGI1122 Welcome back, I have always liked the Escape Quest demo, havn't really played the pharoah quest one throuroughly though. Can't wait to see what happens with Escape Quest.