BG for Critique...

The Ultimo Hey everyone, it's been ages since I posted here :). Anyway, heres a background I did a while ago in SCI, and I wanted to know what you guys thought of it. It was just a test to see if I could emulate a location from a story in Heavy Metal magazine, called Fires of Askell. I got it looking pretty similar considering the limitation, and I might consider making a game at some time in the future based on it.

Any C+C is welcome, even if you hate it to all hell... ;D
Eero R I hate it to all hell... no, just kidding. :P
The picture's fine, but the perspective seems a bit weird... it seems that there are two or three fading points.
Robert Eric The right house looks a bit off compared to the other one. It seems a little absent of detail; is it just a temporary placeholder?
The Ultimo Yeah, I never finished the one of the right, and just kinda left it without any detail.

About the wierd perspective, would making the sea level a bit higher in the distance be better, so it's not in line with the two big guard towers with flames coming out of them.
Nychold Actually, I think what Eero meant was you have too many vanishing points. In perspective art, you have three kinds of perspective: 1, 2, or 3 vanishing points. A vanishing point is a point where, if you drew lines of infinite length across all the straight edges in a world, they'll meet at a point. Obviously, because we live in a 3D world, the three points should be distinctly for length, width, and height of an object. It may be that the perspective of your buildings don't all meet at the same point. I personally wouldn't know...I haven't checked it myself, although I did notice that, on the right hand building, it seems as though your door jam is "crooked". Course I could be wrong about that. :)