Opening Doors

Majin_Trugeta How in the world do you specify where the ego must be standing to activate this command?? No matter where I stand I keep getting my you are not close enough message. I don't understand how the positioning works to get your character to open the blasted door, could someone explain it to me please? I've been wrestling with this for days and still can't get my door open!
bokkers Hi Majin,
Alright, lets push these doors open...
If you have for example a door with a width of lets say 10 pixels, and your door would be located on the screen at 80,50:
Your door would span from the position 80,50 to position 89,50. To check if the player is close enough to the door to activate the opening of the door, you would open PICEDIT and look up the exact coordinates for the door again. Then you have to specify the space next to the door as a rectangle. In our example, the player should stand in a rectangle from 75,50 (upper left corner of the rectangle) to 95,60 (lower right corner of the rectangle) to be able to open the door. The rectangle is located just below the door.
OK, now for the logic you would use the test command to check if the player (ego) is standing in that specified rectangle.
In the logic script you would make it like this:

if (said("open","door")) {
 if(,75,50,95,60)) // checks position of player
   print("OK. The door is now open.");
   end.of.loop(door_view,f99); // animation of the door
 else {
   print("You are not close enough to the door.");

Good luck, hope that helped you.
Majin_Trugeta Well this is what I have, copied directly from the tutorial I'm working from but modified with the coordinates I was able to find... I don't see the command but obviously it doesn't need to be used if it works with this guys tutorial game that I downloaded, I just cant get it to work with mine..
Majin_Trugeta whoops, forgot the code.

if (said("open","door"))
bokkers True, diagonal doors make life a bit harder. As for the animation you really have to draw every single cel. However, if you use "copy cel" and "paste cel" from the view-editor menu, you can move all the pixels one pixel to the right/left/up/down with those arrow-buttons in the view-editor. That is saving some time. If you are looking for pre-painted doors or other sprites (persons, other animated objects), check out . There you will find some fanmade sprites.
Majin_Trugeta Wow, can't believe I never found this at that site before! Thanks  ;D