NEW RPG/Adventure GAME!!!

Phil Roberts Well...Sierra's Creative Interpreter is not only an excellent toy, but it can really save alot of lives, when it comes to creating great games. To think that ALL of Sierra's greatest games were made with the same tool that many of you are using now...but...IT IS TIME...

The sequel to...Torin's Passage!

I will have more info on the game as soon as I can...development has NOT officially started yet.

Robert Eric Sure, and then after a week or so of hype and excitement, you'll cancel the project. I'm just glad to see you're wasting time here and not at the AGS forums.
Eero R More info:;action=display;threadid=10737,;action=display;threadid=10757 and
Phil Roberts Well...I don't see what the fuss is all about, especially over something that happened almost a year ago...cmon...put the past to rest.