Getting LS5 to work with SCI Studio

piraatlife4me Hey everyone!
I am new here (I just registered) to this forum here and had a question. I have had SCI studio fot a while now and it works great and all on all my old sierra games but when I try to open a game like LS5 it dosen't let me. I saw in the SCI studio website that this game was compatible with this program. It just gives me an error message and cancels out. Is there an available patch out there to correct this problem? Or is there a certain file I am supposed to have in order for SCI studio to read the game resource files?

AGI1122 You are not reading what is on that site. Those screenshots are for the upcoming version of SCI Studio, not the current version.

You will have to wait till the next version of SCI Studio is released before any SCI VGA or higher games can be opened by SCI Studio.

Of course it is possible to get a hold of a copy of the new SCI Studio before it's released. It is still incomplete and is prone to bugs mind you(which is why he isn't distributing it without donations for right now), but if you really want it that badly just donate some money to SCI Studio, after donating be sure to ask for the beta SCI Studio, he doesn't give it out unless you ask after donating.
Dr. Best Does someone know a FREE rip tool for Sierra VGA games? I don
AGI1122 SCI Studio is not an engine, it is a ripping/creating tool.

Check for other tools that can extract/edit SCI graphics.
Robin_Gravel I got 404 error when downloading some sci utilities.

Chris, don't you have sci utilities on your site?

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 I used to before the crash back in December 2002... not anymore. :-\

I do have plans to create SCI sections, games, utilities, etc... just havn't gotten around to it.
piraatlife4me Thanks Guys!
I really appreciate the replys back. Chris I will definitely keep checking back on your site for those utilities, it sounds useful. I think I want to plan on donating some money to SCI Studio. I think what they are doing is really cool and I totally want to show my support. I would love to contribute in any way I can.
Thanks again!