AGI on Linux-systems

bokkers Hi you 16-color-heads,  ;D
does anybody have experience with running Sierras AGI-games as well as selfmade AGI-games under Linux? I tried LAGII once with a selfmade game but it seemed to check the game-ID and told me 'maybe not an AGI-game'. I've read somewhere that Dosemu in combination with Sarien would give good results, but I havent tried that yet.
Any other suggestions or tricks? My main interest is running a selfmade AGI-game under Linux. Sierras games seem to work fine with LAGII.
df er.. did you try Sarien? it has many Unix ports... claudio does all his development on Linux. X windows/ SVGALib, etc.

dl the latest snapshot of 0.7.0-cvs and compile it....

you might be surprised!
Helen Last time I've used Sarien (0.4.10) it lacked a lot of functions which made the game playing practically impossible. (note for myself: try the latest version ASAP :-)

However I haven't had any problems with DOSEMU (on the console, not X) and the "available" DOS Sierra AGI interpreters. Even the AGI Mouse works.
bokkers Yeah, I tried Dos-Emulation too, and it seemed just like perfect for AGI-games.
I will also have a look at Sarien as soon as I can.
Does anybody have an idea how to put a selfmade game into a package that can be directly played under Linux? In order to have 2 versions for download available: one for DOS/Win and one for Linux?
But I guess this question is maybe a bit stupid, because people familiar with Linux should have enough knowledge to get Dosemu working.  ::) Anyway: If you have an idea for a "download and play"-pack for Linux, please tell me.

Helen I guess you can make a DEXE (Directly executable DOS applications using dosemu), it is documented in DOSEMU readme.