Sound samples in SQ3?

Lars Skovlund Hi all,

The FreeSCI team has just discovered several sound samples present even in the PC version of SQ3, the longest of which is sound.100 - it seems that Sierra simply forgot to remove them.
Sound.100 is used when Roger opens his eyes in the intro. And the best? The latest CVS snapshot of FreeSCI actually plays this bit of sound, if you massage it just right. As always, it's
tricky because of the bugs.

AGI1122 There is also views that arn't used. Have you seen the mis-colored skull ships?
Kyoufu! Got any wav versions of those samples? Preferably #100.

Also, how does one massage a game? ::)
Lars Skovlund I'd be glad to, but I don't really have anywhere to put the files. On the other hand, I'm told that there is,
in fact, a way to play these sounds in Sierra SCI. You need to replace the sound driver (SNDBLAST.DRV) with a copy of the one from KQ1/SCI (other games will not work).
Note, I haven't tested this myself.

Re how one massages a game: Being aware of any interpreter bugs and knowing how to circumvent them. :)

ApM Weird, my copy of SQ3 played the sample out of the box...
Robert Eric Lars, I have a domain you can put them on. It's at What's your email address? I'll set you up an account to use.
mr-t Do you mean the blue skull fighters, Chris?

Turn the weapons computer off when they are coming at you while escaping SS to see the non-wireframe fighters ;)
AGI1122 I don't remember what color the extra ones where... I will have to check it out later, too busy since it's new years.